DOSS Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker Review

DOSS Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker Review

There are many different types of speakers, and they are each defined according to their characteristics and their intended applications. While there may be some overlap between the features included with individual speaker types, you will find that most of them are different enough to make this delineation simple enough for most.

The first type of speaker is the loudspeaker, which tends to be large and is mostly used in commercial venues, such as sports stadiums, clubs, bars and concert venues. These speakers are most often bigger than other kinds of speakers, and they are designed to emit a good sound range as well as sufficient volume.

Loudspeakers are usually not able to connect to a wide variety of devices aside from dedicated audio equipment such as amplifiers, and the like. They are meant for use by professionals, so they may be a little less user-friendly than most speakers that a lot of us are used to.

DOSS Bluetooth 4.0

The type of speakers which is most common is the computer speaker. These are meant to be small enough to be easily set up by a single person, and they are typically compatible with most computers as well as a reasonable number of mobile devices. These speakers are meant to provide a good balance between size and audio fidelity.

The type of speaker that we will be reviewing today is the shower speaker. Shower speakers are a type of portable speaker which is designed for use in the shower. Shower speakers will usually be waterproof and small enough to fit comfortably in your shower or bathroom.

Before we get to our review, we will be taking a look at some of the characteristics present in today’s product that help make it one of the best shower speakers available for the money.


One aspect to search for in the best shower speaker is a good measure of affordability. Do not get fooled into thinking that the only good shower speakers are those which are available for a high price. Sometimes, you may even find a less expensive product which is better than its pricey competitors.

While price will reflect the number of features included with a speaker, it does not accurately convey the usefulness of those included features. Just because a speaker is loaded with a bunch of different functions, it does not automatically mean that those functions will be useful for you, or for any other customer, for that matter.

DOSS Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker


Another feature to search for in the best shower speaker is a reasonable level of bass. Bass is also known as low-frequency sound. It is what makes that rumbling sensation you feel deep in your stomach when you stand next to a powerful speaker. Most shower speakers tend to be lacking in bass, unfortunately.

This disadvantage usually can't be helped, because smaller speakers simply don't have large enough drivers to produce adequate levels of bass. However, due to advancing technology, you will find that the number of portable speakers which can produce decent lows has increased dramatically over the years.

The Product


  • Speaker features a capacitive touch interface for better sensitivity than buttons
  • Bluetooth 4.0 means that it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Speaker features clear 20W sound for added power and range
  • Speaker can be paired with another of the same model for 40W sound
  • Speaker can both make and receive calls
  • Speaker's battery features a 12-hour charge life
  • High-quality construction results in superior durability
  • High-performance dual 6W drivers make for better sound quality
  • Comes included with a microSD slot

While this speaker, which is produced by DOSS, is not specially made for use in the shower, you will find that it features sufficient volume and water resistance to be used while cleaning up. As long as you keep it outside of the shower curtain, it should work flawlessly. Click here to learn more about the product. 


This shower speaker features an excellent user interface when compared to models in a similar price range. It features a capacitive touch exterior which replaces traditional buttons. This feature means that the surface can remain sleek and uninterrupted by dimples for buttons, and it also makes for more responsive controls.

The inclusion of a microSD slot on this device allows you to play music directly without the need for a connected device and it also provides an easy way to update your firmware. The inclusion of a battery with a 12-hour life also ensures that you will be able to listen to music for a long time between charges.

The construction of this speaker is of superior quality to much of the competition, which means that it is much more durable than most other similarly priced models. This also means that the sound quality is superior to the competition regarding both clarity and overall volume.

doss-touch-shower speaker

What Others Say

Customers were typically impressed with this model of portable speaker. It was highly praised for its superior user friendliness thanks to the advanced interface. Another area of praise was in the excellent recharge time. Far too many portable speakers take an eternity to be fully charged to 100%.

There were a few negatives, however. The lack of any meaningful waterproofing makes it harder to use this speaker in the shower since you have to be careful that it doesn't get wet. The capacitive touch buttons also make this product harder to use when your hands are wet since they will have difficulty registering.

Buying Advice

For all of its features, you will find that this speaker is quite reasonably priced. It can be found for around 90 dollars at its suggested retail price, but it can drop to as low as 35 dollars when it is on sale. It is available from a few online retailers, including Amazon.


If you are looking for an excellent portable speaker which can double as a shower speaker, this model from DOSS has it all. We hope that this review has proved useful for you. If there are any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments section below, and we will try to get back to you. To buy the product now, click here

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