Hydro-Beat Shower Speaker Review

Hydro-Beat Shower Speaker Review

Modern speakers work in a rather simple fashion. When you look at the interior components of these products, you will find that they function using basic scientific principles that most of us have already learned in high school.

The first thing to know, to make sure that we are all on the same page, is that sound is composed of minuscule vibrations that propagate through the air.

Once this concept is understood, we get to the question of how speakers produce these waves in the first place. The component which is responsible for the production of the sound waves is called the cone or the diaphragm, and it must be made of a sufficiently flexible material so that it can move elastically.

Hydro-Beat Illuminated Portable Shower Radio Speaker Review

The cone moves because of magnetic forces, more specifically, the interaction between an electromagnetic coil and a magnet which generates a standing field. The variance in electric current through the coil means that it will either attract or repel the standing magnetic field, which is usually produced by one or more neodymium magnets.

About The Product

This attraction and repulsion between the magnetic fields are transferred to the cone, due to the linkage between it and the magnets. The cone is also attached to a frame which is known as the spider. This framework acts like a sort of spring, which serves to return the cone to its original position when the speaker is no longer producing sound.

That just about sums up the basics when it comes to how speakers work. Before we get into our review of the Hydro-Beat shower radio and speaker, we will take a look at some of the features which make this particular product so good at its job. Feel free to skip directly to the review, if that is your preference.

Connection Method

There are a few options when it comes to how you want your portable shower speaker to establish a connection with the device playing music. The first method is through wifi. This tends to be a more complicated process than the other options, but it offers a greater wireless connection range because it uses your home's network.

The other option is Bluetooth. While Bluetooth features a shorter range than wifi, it is compatible with a wider variety of devices, and it does not require a wifi network to function. Finally, there is also the option for a wired connection using an audio jack and cable.


The battery of your portable speaker will also have quite a large effect on how useful it is. Most portable speakers come equipped with a rechargeable battery since it is much more convenient than constantly having to replace disposable ones. There are a few aspects to consider about the battery before investing in a shower speaker.

The charge duration of your battery is how long your battery can play music off of a single charge. Most speakers can work for about 8 to 12 hours straight depending on the volume. Another consideration is how long the battery takes to fully recharge, as the speaker will not be portable during the recharge process.


  • Speaker is capable of connecting wirelessly to a wide range of devices through Bluetooth
  • Speaker features a built in FM radio
  • ​Speaker comes included with a removable suction cup for easier placement
  • S​peaker features a rechargeable battery with a duration of 8 hours
  • ​Speaker features a waterproofing level of IPX7
  • Speaker includes LED lights for improved looks

If you are looking for a shower speaker which can accomplish a little bit more than the competition, then you may want to invest in this model from Hydro-Beat. It combines the functionality of a speaker with a radio, allowing you to use it for more. Click here to learn more about the product.


This speaker is unique when compared to many other options you have for listening to music in the shower. This is due to the inclusion of an FM radio which comes built into this speaker. This allows you to use this speaker to listen to music even when you don’t have a device available.

Beyond the added functionality of the radio, there are a few other features which would make you choose this speaker over some of the competition. For example, the inclusion of a suction cup allows you to place this speaker anywhere you want in the shower, potentially making room for bottles of shampoo or soap.

Hydro-Beat Illuminated Shower Radio and Speaker Review

The IPX7 waterproofing level ensures that this speaker can be safely submerged for a short time span without having to worry about it malfunctioning. The included LED lights may also be shut off at the press of a button if your speaker is running low on battery and you need to conserve it.

What Others Say

Other customers were mostly highly impressed with this shower speaker and radio combo. As expected, there was much praise for the ability to use this speaker as a radio in the shower. Customers were also highly impressed with the simplicity of this product, which ensures that it is highly user-friendly.

Regarding negatives, some customers had issues with the construction quality of this product, stating that the buttons feel cheap and flimsy. Another common complaint was the LED lights do little more than waste the battery, but they can at least be toggled off by the user.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more affordable models of shower speaker that you will find available. It can usually be found for around 50 dollars, but it drops to around 30 dollars when it goes on sale. You can buy it from Amazon and some other electronics stores, depending on your preference for online or in-store shopping.

Hydro-Beat Shower Radio and Speaker Review


If you need a waterproof speaker which doubles as a radio, there is no better choice around. This is also one of the most affordable waterproof speakers that you can buy, but there is a noticeable shift in quality from models which are worth over 100 dollars. Feel free to leave your comments down below. To buy the product now, click here.

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